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We believe in the power of a well designed environment!  Interior spaces impact people in important ways.  We want to improve  people's life story by giving them a great design story!  Group Foster Homes, Frontline worker room remodels, Women's recovery homes...we're just getting started!!


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I used to think that beautifully designed spaces were nothing more than that.  A pretty room full of color, texture, and pattern that is fun to look at.  I think many people view design in a similar way.  They tend to think of it as more of a luxury and don’t recognize its underlying value.  Design is a non-verbal story that surrounds us constantly.  It’s a visual and physical narrative that we wrap ourselves in like a blanket.   Most people don’t realize that it is impacting them.  Have you ever woken up from a great night sleep with the impression of your bed sheets embedded on your cheek?  You were completely unconscious to the fact that your bunched up pillow case was making it’s mark on you, because you were quite literally asleep to the experience.  And yet, it still happened.  It’s not so different here.  The design of our environment is making an impression us.  The more time we spend wrapped up in each space, the more deeply it impacts us.  Science has proved that the actual design of all the spaces we spend our time in are affecting far more than our eyes.  The stories that these rooms tell are making their imprint on us.   They impact us emotionally and physically.  Some people recognize this and take control of their aesthetic surroundings, but for many people this impressionable story is just sort of- happening to them.  We are here to change that for the people who need it most! 

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